How to use the "Sponsor-Tool" for Cryp Trade Capital

Hello, before you can use this Sponsor-Tool you need to be a member of Cryp Trad Capital. If you are not a member, then please watch this webinar first:

Here i want to show you the first sponsor tool that i prepared for you. So when you joined the new company Cryp Trade Capital you can use my Online Seminar as your own "Landing Page" to sponsor other people. You only need to enter your "usercode" in the URL

and then the "Sign Up" Button will automatically connect with your Registration link.

Your "usercode" you will find in the Dashboard after you logged in. You only need to copy the last code of your Registration Link. Like in this picture below:

For example your link should look like this:

With this Landingpage you can sponsor many people. You need just send or invite the people there.

If you need any help, you can anytime ask me.

So lets build a huge network :-)

Best regards